Exercise: Positioning the horizon (TAoP)

Objective: To experiment with the position of the horizon and noting what effect this has on the frame.

Due to the recent storm I have chosen an archive picture taken in New Zealand. I love  the landscape of New Zealand and this picture captures its rural green hills and gorgeous blue waters side by side.

The first image is the original.


The horizon is above the middle of the frame resulting in the focal point being the trees in the centre of the ‘dip’ and also the rocks to the right of the frame. There is plenty of depth in this picture as you can get a sense of the slope towards the water.

crop 1

With the horizon (mountains) now completely centred your eye is drawn directly to them. This makes the clouds more noticeable as well. The greenery and trees still add effect without being too distracting. I prefer this image to the first and it is probably my favourite from this exercise. However, it could be noted that there is perhaps a bit too much sky in this image.

crop 2

With the horizon now at the top of the shot it feels restricted and cramped. The hillside and trees are the main focal point, resulting in the horizon almost going unnoticed.

crop 3

This final shot has a ‘panoramic’ feel about it. I think the greenery and the blue of both the water and the sky completely balance one another. However, with the horizon being very near the top of the image i think it feels slightly squashed again. With this in mind i have cropped what, in my opinion, is the best balance of colours and horizon positioning.

crop 4

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