Exercise: Balance (TAoP)

Objective: Take 6 already-taken photographs, and decide how the balance works in each one. Look for what seems to be the dominant part (or parts) of the image. Identify them in a small rectangular sketch, and sketch the weighing ´scale´interpretation.

For this exercise i wanted to choose  a few pictures that may appear to be ‘unbalanced’ or where the balance was not instantly noticeable and/or equal. It is very easy to identify the balance of say a sunset or a city landscape, so i tried to identify the balance of some trickier pictures as well as some fairly obvious ones.


As you can see the red boxes highlight the main parts to the photograph.

sketch 1


This image interested me as I feel the balance is done through a sort of layering technique. In my opinion it is very well balanced.

sketch 2


This image works in a very literal sense of balance.

sketch 7

5MP-9G4 Digital Camera

sketch 3


I love this picture – the balance is very obvious.

sketch 5


sketch 6

I found this exercise to be fairly self explanatory – some images work even though they may appear ‘unbalanced’. The simpler the composition of a photograph i.e the fewer and more distinct the elements – the more obvious the balance will be.

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