Jorg Dickmann

I recently spotted a picture that caught my eye. It is a street scene by German photographer Jorg Dickmann who i have recently discovered is renowned for his urban street scenes and long exposures.

I love how colourful and captivating his pictures are. Many of them have had a post production tweak or two but i think they are so current and vivid.

The photo that first caught my eye was this piece:

JD 1

As a whole i feel the concept of the image is very basic. There isn’t a great deal going on (no action, no landscape/buildings, no people) just some raindrops and background lighting. It has made me realize that you can take beautiful pictures without over-powering the scene with objects and detailing.

JD 2

This long exposure is another one of my faves – It definitely depicts New York as ‘the city that never sleeps’

Considering it was the colours of Dickmanns photos that first grabbed my eye I searched for a black and white image.

JD 4

This image certainly didn’t disappoint me – I think it is as powerful, if not more, than the colour images.

I’m off to go and see what street scenes I can capture in London…..

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