Exercise: Diagonal lines (TAoP)

Take 4 photographs that demonstrate strong diagonals.

Diagonal lines are easy to create in a photograph, as they depend mainly on viewpoint. There are few real diagonals; staircases are one of only a few instances. The camera angle and perspective, however, make diagonals common in photographs.

As with the previous exercise, once I read the brief I began to see examples of diagonals everywhere! Many times it involved tilting my head (and camera) to create the actual diagonal impression. Even though it is fairly easy to create a diagonal within a photograph using perspective, I wanted to see if I could find real diagonals as well as creating them.

Diag 1


This picture is a strong representation of diagonals. The leaves themselves are fanning out in true diagonals, while the perspective has created the walls and railings to appear diagonal also.

Diag 2


This image of the drains is a very strong true diagonal.



This image uses diagonals through perspective, (there are slight diagonals in the hand rails also) but due to the viewpoint both the ledges and the railings appear diagonal.

Diag 4


This image is creating diagonals purely through perspective and positioning. Firstly the road lines appear diagonal, as do the row or cars either side and also the rows of houses.

The weather was fairly horrible during this outing – but i wanted to stick to my deadline. I would like to experiment further with creating diagonal lines through perspective and will upload more pics on this subject on the blog later.


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