Assignment 3 – Colour (preparation) TAoP

Having now completed all the exercises leading up to this assignment i am researching ‘colour in photography’ while thinking of subjects that aren’t necessarily so obvious, and looking at the criteria for the assignment.

It is advised that we try to find natural colour combinations i.e avoiding man made colours such as paint. This is proving to be quite the challenge – i have therefore been looking at many different flowers (with it being early June it is the perfect timing) but i would like to try to avoid all my assignment photographs being flowers.

A quick summary of what i have learnt about colour relationships in photography:

Complementary colours are any two colours which lie directly opposite each other on the colour wheel. Two such opposite colours can be regarded as being in balance when they appear together, and could also be regarded as contrasting colours. For example blue and orange.

Harmonizing colours are ones which can be found roughly a third way round the colour wheel,  i.e blue/yellow.

I have decided to simply explore London with my equipment to see what i can find, as well as composing several still life shots in order to meet the assignment assessment criteria. In regards to a narrative – this is fairly open ended as i am required to incorporate both found upon scenes as well as structured scenes. The theme being ‘colour’.

For the majority of the work i would like to use natural light where possible, and not alter the colours during post processing if it can be avoided (earlier exercises have taught me how hues can be altered using exposure settings – a technique i shall be applying) . For the still life shots i will have full control over lighting and object positioning.

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