Exercise: Judging colour temperature 1 (TAoP)

Make three images of something that does not have a particularly strong colour, a face maybe, one in full sunlight at the middle of the day, one in shade at the middle of the day and finally one in sunlight when the sun is close to the horizon.  Ensure that the camera white balance is set to daylight for all three images.

Having paid much attention to the the type/strength of light available during different parts of the day on my daily commute I am sure that objects photographed in the evening sun will be more pleasing to the eye, and appear warmer. As the sun sets the ‘whiteness’ decreases.

Object in direct sunlight:

Direct sun


As predicted, the white levels are all high, and the shadow of the teddy is prominent.

Shade during midday sun:


This image has a much warmer feel – the orange/red fur appears darker and warmer, and the cream is less washed out.

Direct low sun:

Low sun

The lower sun results in an even warmer feel than the shade image. There is a faint red hue to the image and both the red and cream fur appears more saturated. Even the wall in the background and the table appear warmer due to the low sun.

I am interested in doing this exercise with an object with a strong colour, perhaps a red object to see what different results I get.

As expected, as the sun is at its highest in the sky during midday – images are more washed out and have greater whiteness. The lower the sun gets in the sky, the warmer an image appears, and a reddish glow often becomes apparent.

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