Exercise: Cloudy weather & rain

Part 1

Make 4-6 images where the subject is first in sunlight then in the shade of a passing cloud, keep the white balance set to sunlight/daylight; make a note of the difference in exposure between the pairs.

I am finding myself significantly behind schedule at the moment, and in light of this I have decided to move on with the next exercises before plunging into my assignment. I have done part 3 of this exercise as I felt I needed to explore this area more so than parts 1 & 2.

I would predict, however that for part 1 the images in sunlight would cast stronger/harsher shadows than that of the image taken in shade. By not adjusting the white balance and keeping it set to sunlight/daylight, there’s a chance that the shade images may appear slightly blue.

Part 2

For the second part of the exercise take 3 images outdoors on an overcast day.  Look for some detail that has pronounced relief  and an object with strong colour.

I would predict that as the day is to be overcast shadows will be less distinct and the subject shall be more evenly lit. The image where the subject has pronounced relief will show clearer detail.

Part 3

Make a minimum of two images in the rain.

Unfortunately for this part of the exercise the weather has not been on my side. It’s either not rained, or its been borderline torrential! However, not put off by this I ventured out with my Nikon and a variety of lenses (I’ve just extended my collection)


I love taking photos of light reflections in wet pavements and puddles. This carnival picture is a perfect example of the abstract impressions you can get through reflection photography. I am hoping to experiment more with street lighting/ traffic lights reflected through rain.



This macro shot shows the ‘shiny’ appearance raindrops can create when they catch the light. The main thing to observe here is that one raindrop has caught the light completely, while the surrounding drops catch glimmers of light.


I actually quite like this photo. By focusing solely on the raindrops on the glass the background becomes somewhat blurred making the drops the point of interest. The colours in the background emphasise the dreary weather as they are a combination of greys, browns , yet the bright green raincoat acts as a focal point beyond the raindrops.


Using a low f-number resulted in part of this railing being in focus, implying that the areas surrounding the focal point follow the same pattern structure. I wanted to capture the drops in stages – the ones running down the railing and later congregating into the raindrops hanging from the bottom of the railing.


Finally, a raindrop suspended from the railing. I love how the raindrop has captured the light and reflected it, if there had been a prominent colour behind the droplet this would have been reflected this too. I like how the reflection captivates the viewers attention. This is also something i will experiment with.

The handbook said that capturing a rainbow is a special bonus for this exercise, and I managed to photograph one while away a few weeks ago, gorgeous. If you look closely you can see its actually a double rainbow. I like how the colours are in stark contrast to the moody sky and dark sea.







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