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Exercise: A narrative picture essay (TAoP)

This project requires you to set yourself an assignment and then photograph it. Based on what you have learnt so far, tell a story of any kind, in a set of pictures numbering between 5 and 15. It could even be something as simple as the preparation of some food.

For this exercise i had several ideas in mind. First i was looking at some sort of event happening in my area that would be interesting to document. Unfortunately this was slightly spoilt by the wet weather we have had recently. I often find that i spend too long trying to make my exercises interesting and artistic while also filling the brief. SO, with that in mind i decided to keep it simple, and shoot some pudding in the making.

The brief requires that we vary the size of our final images, and write a small caption describing what each shot shows. Here is my work


Firstly, I did not want to document every single step of this event. Where do you draw the line? Do you show peeling the banana, or do you deem that self explanatory?! I decided on photographing the main steps, hoping that by looking at the pictures and reading a small caption it was easy to follow. Often with blog food photography the aim is to use as little steps as possible so the reader/viewer is not overwhelmed and the recipe appears simple and easy.

A huge draw back to this ‘event’ was that I did not have a model! Trying to demonstrate something AND photograph it is near on impossible!!

Regarding different image sizes – i think the most important and therefore largest images should be the main ingredients and the final product.

Documenting any event requires preparation. From planning sequence of events, camera equipment, camera angles, to camera settings and layout of the final images; each step needs careful planning.