Contemporary flower photography

My tutor advised that I research some contemporary flower photography that goes against the grain and is not a cliche. He introduced me to the work of David Axelbank – (Still life for flower work)

What a simple yet amazingly effective way to photograph flowers; at night time! The dramatic black background really draws out the colours of the flowers, and his precise use of flash is fantastic. I had never thought to photograph nature at night, but this is something i will DEFINITELY experiment with. Flower photography is done to death, but this nocturnal twist is captivating and intriguing.

Another photograph that caught my eye is ‘The Weeds Of Wallasey’ by Chris Shaw. It has a very grungy edge to it, using high contrast, strong flash, and also photographed at night. The industrial silhouette in the background adds to the grunge feeling while the weed is fully lit in the foreground. The combination of these settings an objects results in a very modern and contemporary shot. I really like the idea of photographing nature/flowers against an urban/city backdrop.

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