Exercise: Juxtaposition (TAoP)

For this exercise we can either choose a still-life approach, or a larger scale shot. I chose the still-life and am required to take any book I like and make a suitable illustration using several elements.

Having research other fellow OCA students I found it was very common for people to choose fiction books, most of my home reading jumps from photography, to crime novels, to Marilyn Monroe books…I was at a loss!! The only other books are cookery books….so I decided on illustrating one of my favourite books: ‘Chinese Food Made Easy’ by Ching-He Huang.


A simple still life using some of the most fundamental ingredients for Chinese cooking. For this shot I used my photographic studio with natural light (positioned next to large window) and used a reflector to the left hand side.

As a quick example of how it may look with text on, I threw together a very basic idea with photoshop:

Juxt cover

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