Exercise: Rain (TAoP)


Imagine a magazine cover on one subject:rain. You have the entire cover space to work in, and you should produce a single, strong, attractive photograph that leaves no one in doubt about the subject.

For this shot I wanted to try to make it eye catching and interesting. I was trying to avoid the cliched ideas of photographing puddles, or street lights reflected in wet pavements etc. The topic of rain in itself is fairly dull and boring, so iI wanted to try and create the opposite.


I think this picture fills the brief – it’s strong and attractive, and all the people i’ve showed it to and asked ‘what do you think of’ have all replied with rain.

I enjoyed this exercise. It was a beautiful sunny day outside with no cloud whatsoever, so this shot was 100% set up. Using my camera settings I was able to make it feel fairly grey and cold, but without reducing the colour of the fruit or their umbrellas.


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