Exercise: Symbols (TAoP)

For this exercise the idea is to find symbols for a number of concepts, and add a short note saying how I might use them in a photograph. The subjects are; growth, excess, crime, silence and poverty.


I think the most common idea for growth would be a plant; perhaps from seed, developing into a flowering strong plant/tree. Another example could also baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult, elderly person. Relating to business – you could use a simple ‘idea bubble’ above a single head, and then multiply a) the number of heads, and b) the number of thought bubbles.


Relating to the current obesity problem, excess could be shown as an overflowing plate of food, or a ‘muffin top’ waist hanging over the top of trousers (mainly for women, for men it could be the ever so popular ‘beer belly’)


The obvious one for crime would be something like handcuffs or police tape. Perhaps broken glass or a burglar/security alarm.


Silence could be a mute symbol found on TV’s and sound systems. I think the most popular example is probably a finger held against closed lips.


This is definitely the most thought provoking subject. Poverty could be illustrated through an empty bowl, someone begging, a cardboard made home, slums and malnourished person or animal.


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