William Eggleston

As a general rule I prefer black and white photography as I feel it adds more emotion to a picture. I have mentioned previously on here my dislike for HDR photography as I feel it looks  fake and heavily saturated.

Well, all of this changed when I found the work of William Eggleston. Eggleston is widely credited with increasing recognition for colour photography. His eye for colours is incredible, and his simple compositional style is enviable. He takes everyday objects and photographs them against their surrounding colours. Many of his exterior photographs are shot during the ‘blue hour’ – just before sunrise or sunset, one of my favourite times for colour photography.

I was amazed at the richness of colours he produced, considering post editing was so basic back in the 1970’s – he did this solely through his camera set up. Some of his shots are so vibrant they almost have an HDR feel to them, only they appeal to me as there is still a presence of light and dark and shadows.

What appealed to me most was that his work appeared to be very current. The bold colours, the sometimes abstract subjects, it could be the work of today. I also love the fact that some of his subjects appear mundane – it really does go to show that you can make art of anything.

Here are just a few examples of his everyday objects/subjects and colour work.








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