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Assignment 5: round 2…(TAoP)

After my first attempt with this assignment didn’t quite reach my expectations I was looking for a strong plan B; which I found in the form of the Royal Baby. With such a big historical event about to unfold around me I knew it would make for a great magazine, and more importantly a great narrative.

First things first, I needed to familiarise myself with the location. St Mary’s Hospital is located right by Paddington tube station – so access was relatively easy (manoeuvring through the crowds, that is) and is one stop away from my office which was a blessing, as I could be on baby standby with all my equipment at work with me.

I wanted to gradually build up my narrative and illustrate the growth of interest/crowds/press and police. This required going back almost on a daily basis from the moment the due date was leaked. This could have been hindered by the fact that I have a full time job and can’t drop everything in an instant.

Having assessed the location several times, I made a mind map of where to get good shots, and from certain angles; bearing in mind that the public can only really access a street meant that this was limited, but not impossible.

I took HUNDREDS of practise shots. I had read that the paparazzi and press journalists often put their cameras on auto mode (sometimes auto focus too) to get their shots. I was reluctant to do this, as I wanted to put my skills from this part of the course into practise!!

I had jotted down a rough idea of how I wanted my ‘article’ to look, and the order of photographs etc, so now I needed to focus and actually get snapping!!