End of ‘The Art of Photography’ module….

I’ve now submitted assignment 5 to my tutor and am waiting for my feedback. In the meantime i’m going to revisit the previous 4 assignments and make changes in preparation for formal assessment. Unfortunately last year my laptop crashed and I lost my work for assignments 1 & 2, but not to fear, I still have the final pictures I submitted on here. Any thing that is missing I will re-create (I don’t want to start making too many changes or new pics, so will keep this to a minimum.) I’m very aware that going back to these past assignments will be a huge eye opener as to how little technical knowledge I had! It will be hard to not pick my work to pieces, as I now have so much more technical experience. Once I feel I’ve made the necessary changes I aim to submit my work for formal assessment.

All 4 assignments will be amended and uploaded soon.

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