Assignment 4: ‘Lighting Techniques’ Amended

The key issues raised by my tutor were:

  • There were a couple of colour balance issues but nothing too bad. I would revisit the images for colour and texture before printing to make sure your colour balance is correct. At the moment the first colour image has a blue/magenta cast, the second a yellow cast, the first texture image a yellow/green/cyan cast and the last texture image looks a little dark.

I have gone back over my prints and corrected these issues and am much happier with the results.


colour black

colour white


In both shots, regardless of the colour of backdrop the alterations have made the many different shades of wood much more apparent.


texture white

Again this was more of a colour issue, and the alterations have greatly improved the shot.

My camera was producing some very unusual shutter speeds, and this was not in fact a result of my conversions. I have however, revised all speeds to a more understandable display as rightfully suggested by my tutor. (At the time of shooting I was very confused by the readings I was seeing on the LCD screen.) The amendments are:


White – 0.1 seconds

Black – 0.6 seconds


White – 2.5 seconds

Black – 3 seconds


White – 0.6 seconds

Black – 0.6 seconds


White – 0.4 seconds

Black – 0.6 seconds

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