Monthly Archives: September 2015

Extra Reading: Annie Leibovitz

I’ve been so busy lately (I got married and the company I work for have just moved their office to central London) that I felt like I hadn’t picked up a photography book or camera in weeks. I hate this feeling. It’s as if my learning has ground to a halt.

Sitting on my book shelf is a book I got as a Christmas present. I’ve been putting off merely glancing through the pages as it’s the type of book that you need to dive into; a book that for me, is full of photographic success secrets and inspiration. The book is: A Photographer’s Life: 1990 – 2005 by Annie Leibovitz. 

What instantly captivated me was that the photos are memoirs from Annie’s personal collection. They are heavily based around her family life and the glitzy studio lighting is no where to be seen. The majority of the photos are in black and white (anyone who has read this blog will know I love black and white photography as it makes everything feel that little bit more ‘vintage’ and ‘evoking’) Her renowned and famous style is less apparent in her personal photographs, but what is so striking is the very raw, personal angle she offers of her private life to the reader.

I’m yet to finish the book (It’s the size and weight of a paving stone) but it’s a fascinating glance into the precious and personal photos from one of the most famous ladies in the world of photography. I’m now fully motivated to pick up my camera and start snapping…..