Fruit, Colour & Bubbles…

For a while now i’ve been wanting to photograph pieces of fruit close up, with bright backdrops reminiscent of the style of Andy Warhol:

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 09.59.52

Fruits have incredible colours anyway, and I wanted to experiment with contrasting and complimenting these colours with vivid backgrounds.  This project took almost half a day to complete as I had to set up a fair bit of equipment. I had decided to shoot the fruit in fizzy water to add a bubble effect. It was almost macro photography as i really wanted to get close up to the fruit. Sadly I struggled to find cherries at this time of year as they were what i had first pictured in my head – a strong dark red cherry, green stalk with a blue backdrop.

After setting up my living room/studio it looked like this:




As I was using an array of fruits I set up as much as I possibly could (tripod, camera height, focal length etc) prior to the fruit being submerged as I was afraid it may start to get soggy and lose it’s colour.

There was a fair bit of trial and error in the beginning; too many bubbles, not enough bubbles, pips, breakages you name it, but i’m so happy with the results.


DSC_0605 DSC_0601

DSC_0596 DSC_0583







The above a just a few of my faves. I also edited the chilli shots into a ‘Warhol’ pop art style:


I’ve uploaded these as low res images as I was made aware that several of my high res photos had resurfaced on the internet (mainly Pinterest) and I was not receiving the credit for them. I don’t think the low res does them justice 😦 but i’d rather keep the larger files to myself.


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