Exercise: Editing

For this exercise I am to start with a set of recently taken images (at least 50) all covering the same theme. I then have to follow five steps:

Step 1:

Take out any images that are obviously faulty i.e out of focus, camera shake or under exposed. Tag them/flag them. I normally flag these images red.

Step 2:

Among the remaining images, all technically fine, I need to make an initial selection that satisfy me creatively. (These will be flagged orange)

Step 3:

Work within these selects to chose the several best. These are my ‘first selects’ Make a brief note to explain why I prefer it. (These will be flagged green.)

Step 4:

Take a break from the process and return with a refreshed eye. Put the first selects together and review my choice. Go back to the other images left out and confirm my choice.

Step 5:

Imagine that there is the possibility of just two being selected for publication. Choose only two from the first selects, and write down my reasons for choosing them.

This is the process that I live by when editing photographs. I have a flagging system of red, orange and green; red for horrendous, orange for possible and finally green for definite. I’ve subconsciously been doing this for some time now, ever since I really got into photography.

I’m pushed on time as I want to get stuck into my first assignment for this module so i’ve decided to use a previous shoot.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.44.54

Above is the first step – i’ve labeled my album and copied all files over. at this point i will remove any that aren’t up to par. (Sometimes as mentioned above I will flag these red)

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.49.57

Once i’ve gone through the entire album I then flag green for definite and orange for possible.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 10.50.37

I then remove (remove from folder, not delete!) all others and focus solely on my selected pics.

I focussed on these shots as they have nice compositions, the camera settings are good, and in my opinion they have interesting subjects.

The exercise calls for me to return with a refreshed eye and observe my selection again, only this time I must whittle it down to only 2 images.

Cannes view

I chose this pic as I love the high viewpoint. I used a wide angle lens to fit as much in as possible. The subject is of a private gated harbour just outside of Cannes.

palm tree

I really like the gradual fade of the sky in this pic. Palm trees have a wonderful shape, and I like the contrast of blue and green here.

I think its very important to take a break while editing photos and to return and re-assess. Sometimes you can examine so many pictures that it is easy to get swallowed up and get confused.

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