Assignment one: Workflow (Preparation)

For this assignment we are required to choose a topic that interests us and construct an effective workflow, all the way through to the final displayed image. This can be in the form of either prints or a web gallery. List all steps in the workflow and provide a short commentary describing what was done. Explain how this workflow may differ from others and what adaptions were made to suit the way in which I take and process photographs.

Produce between 6 – 12 images.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of still life studio shoots recently so I wanted to steer away from it for this assignment as I feel it may be my strongest area. I decided to use an NFL game as my subject. This had a somewhat fixed timescale (games can last up to 4 hours), the location was provided for me, and my equipment was limited (you can’t just set up a tripod etc in front of a crowd full of Tiger fans, blocking their view!) I wanted to challenge myself by removing a large amount of ‘control’ on the situation. This was the perfect scenario.

Next I have my equipment. How many and what lenses do I want to take? Will I need my flashgun? Are both my batteries fully charged? It is at this point that I format my memory card, and my back up memory card. I also clean my camera and lenses.

Pack my camera bag.

Go and shoot.


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