Exercise: Interpretive processing (DPP)

This exercise focuses on making interpretations for a creative purpose. Chose an image that you feel is open to different creative interpretations. Given all the adjustment controls available in processing software, find different ways of interpreting the image. Make 3 different versions of the same image, together with a written explanation of what you were trying to achieve.

This is the exercise i’ve most been looking forward to. I often play around with my photos and make numerous version of the same image.

Here’s the original image i’m using:

Original Surf

Version 1:

Surf 1

For the first version i’ve kept the shot in colour, but wanted to improve the tone and contrast. The original was fairly dark (shot on a cloudy day and late in the afternoon/early evening) and I wanted to make the colour of the surfboard pop out more. I’ve added a slight vignette to the edges of the photo as a way aiding focus on the surfer. I’ve also cropped out the woman to the right of the shot as she is distracting.

Version 2:

Surf 2

For this version i’ve gone for a subtle sepia look (manually, not using the photoshop pre-setting) inspired by vintage surf photography. I’ve added film grain and altered the exposure and tone levels. (Again i’ve cropped the lady out to the right)

Version 3:

Surf 3

It’s amazing how different an image can appear when you flip it, I flipped it horizontally to create the ‘opposite’ of the original photo. I wanted to produce something fairly moody and cinematic, so I chose to go for black and white, adding 2 light sources. the first was a subtle spotlight directed from the bottom left corner towards the tip of the surfboard, and the second was a lens flare positioned at the top right corner. I like the tiny hints of colour – the pink from the lens and the green from the effect.

It’s amazing how you can change an image so drastically with processing software. From correcting an image using the previous tools i’ve worked with, to adding lighting and effects/filters.

It’s hard to pick a favourite as they’re all so different, but i’m really pleased with the results. Its sometimes quite difficult to imagine how you want your edited picture to look, and then achieving it using all the different methods/effects/filters that photoshop has to offer!

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