Exercise: Managing tone (DPP)

Choose an image that needs some adjusting. Use your processing software of choice, adjust the following:

  • Set the black and white point until just short of clipping.
  • Assess and if necessary adjust the brightness of the mid-tones.
  • Assess and if necessary adjust the contrast
  • If necessary make corrections to localised areas

For this exercise i’ve chosen a shot that could benefit from some tweaking. Here’s the original image:


Here’s the amended image after adjusting the above points:

Tone 2

These are only minor changes but I do feel like they make a big difference. I’ve been able to lighten the top section of the sky which enhances the sunset as it now involves more hues than the pre edited shot. I’ve bumped up the contrast a little to enhance the warmth of the sun, and i’ve brightened the mid tones a little. I didn’t want the image to be too light, or it removes the idea of a sunset and the silhouettes of boats.


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