Photographer: Michael Kenna

I’ve recently discovered the work of English photographer Michael Kenna. Like Ansel Adams, the majority of his portfolio is landscapes. Kenna is known for producing exposures of up to 10 hours, usually at dawn or at night  – which produce silky, soft looking images – a contrast from the stark dramatic images previously researched on Adams. His images that incorporate water are often long exposure shots which is a technique used to remove the movement of ripples and waves; creating soft, smooth water, it almost looks like mist.




Kenna also uses water as a reflective tool which adds symmetry to his images. Something I feel works extremely well in black-and-white.


Safdar Jang, Study 1, Delhi, India, 2006




Having experimented with the starker, more dramatic black-and-white effects, i’d like to try and create softer images in the style of Kenna.

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