Assignment 3: Preparation

After studying the work of Michael Kenna especially, I want to experiment with long exposure photography. I’ve decided that I will attempt to incorporate at least one long exposure shot in my assessment.

We’ve learnt throughout this part of the course that the key to monochrome photography concentrates on shape, form and texture predominantly. I’ve decided on an architectural theme as I think there’s a lot of scope for producing interesting photographs, and it allows for a great range of subjects. I will try to ignore colour as best as I can when viewing possible objects, although it is worth being aware of how colours convert to black-and-white, and also the control over altering the hues later on in post processing. I’m mainly looking for interesting shapes and varying textures. I’m not too concerned with different weather conditions as I think the weather could work to my advantage. Heavy clouds will add a dramatic mood, as will rain (although i’m hoping it won’t) and a clear sky can often convert in an interesting way – it can provide great contrast for the object itself.

We’ve not studied long exposure in depth at this stage, but we’ve touched on the different effects resulting from altering shutter speed. I’m aiming to shoot RAW and in manual mode to grant me full control over my Nikon.

As with every photographic task I’ve taken all the necessary steps for carrying out an organised and well structured shoot, as we studied earlier in the Part 1: Workflow.


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