Assignment 3: Preparation Part 2

Almost immediately into this assignment i’ve hit a hurdle… After researching long exposure shots i’ve realised that to get the desired shot i’ve imagined I am unfortunately missing a vital part of equipment. A neutral density filter.

While long exposure shots can be relatively easy to accomplish at night time (you can use most lenses, but a tripod is vital), it’s a very different story when it comes to daytime. This is perhaps a rookie error on my behalf, as we have learnt that a slower shutter speed results in a longer time period for the light to hit the sensor, often resulting in over exposed shots.

Shooting the scene I want to shoot in bright daylight without a neutral density filter is going to produce severely over exposed images.

It’s not a huge problem however, it just means that for this assignment I will not be including the long exposure shot I’d hoped for. I could shoot at night, but for this assignment I don’t feel I’d get the right kind of image that represents  ‘monochrome’ as night shoots would not include so many shades of grey, but mainly strong blacks and street lighting.

What I especially like about a long exposure shot is that in some cases you can eliminate people/traffic from the photo (if the exposure is long enough) resulting in eerie deserted scenes.

So, first on my list for new equipment will be a variable neutral density filter, so I can experiment with daytime long exposures.

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