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Assignment 2 (TAoP) preparation

Having completed all my exercises for part 2 I am now focusing on my assignment.

The idea behind this assignment is to incorporate the insights you have learned so far
on the course into a set of photographs directed towards one type of subject. You should
produce 10 –15 photographs, all of a similar subject, which between them will show the
following effects:
• single point dominating the composition
• two points
• several points in a deliberate shape
• a combination of vertical and horizontal lines
• diagonals
• curves
• distinct, even if irregular, shapes
• at least two kinds of implied triangle
• rhythm
• pattern.
Choose from these groups of subjects:
• flowers and plants
• landscapes
• street details
• the raw materials of food.
• if you prefer, choose your own subject.

Initially I knew straight away that I would pick ‘street details’ as this this is the type of photography that I most enjoy at the moment and I am fairly confident in this area. However, due to it being winter and pitch black when I finish work (not to mention the rain!) I found myself extremely limited with opportunities to go out and take my photos….added to this was several stressful weekends packing up the contents of my flat as I was moving! So with time running out I decided to go for plan b – a different subject altogether, another one close to my heart…food 🙂

The feedback from my first assignment mentioned a slight lack of narrative and I was advised to have a theme running throughout my pictures. With this in mind I have decided to go with the theme of ‘Raw materials of food’ for my assignment.

I have also decided to use a new bit of equiptment – my studio cube. My comfort lies in using the light i’m given when photographing my subjects (altering my camera settings) and i would say 90% of my photos are outdoors. Being able to control lighting is very foreign to me, but i want to experiment and push my limits.

I now need to research food photography and cook books to find some inspiration and get some ideas!


Chilli Drops

I was asked to photograph a brand of hot sauce again recently.

This time the client wanted pictures for the website so specifically wanted a pure white background.

bolly copy


group copy