Monthly Archives: December 2014

Assignment 4 preparation

I’ve been so busy with work at the moment that i’m falling behind on the deadline I set for this assignment. I’ve been fretting over a suitable subject that I feel will demonstrate the 4 main characteristics of; shape, form, texture and colour. I spent the last 3 evenings practically ransacking my flat looking for some interesting pieces of ‘junk’ that will make an interesting subject, but no joy.

I decided on using a very interesting labradorite ring. Labradorite has the most interesting shades of blue/green/ when it catches the light, so I thought I was on to a winner! Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. The ring is not a large subject, and I felt that my subject should be bigger so I can experiment more with the lighting. Also, as it is silver the texture/surface is extremely shiny and even the most diffused lighting  resulted in some degree of glare. For now, it’s back to the drawing board to find another subject.

Colour attempt 1

This was an attempt at demonstrating colour using the labradorite ring.